• American Bittern
  • Orange-fronted Parakee
  • Red-tailed Hawk
  • Great Gray Owl

I started taking pictures of birds some 30 years ago, but after years of filling up my trash can with bad slides, I lost interest. My old photo equipment was collecting dust until digital photography came along. In November 2002, I traded in all of my old equipment and purchased a Nikon D100 digital camera along with a Nikkor 80-400mm VR zoom lens. I was back in business and bad images were ending up in my PC’s Recycling Bin instead of the the trash can.

I needed a goal other than taking better pictures because I knew that if I kept at it, better pictures would eventually come along. So I came up with a goal that will keep me busy for a while; to take pictures of at least 1,000 different bird species. Since there are less than 400 birds that I can get to around my house, this would also give me a reason to travel to birding hot spots around the world.I like to share with you some of my adventures along the way.

I welcome and look forward to your input on how to make my images better, and more importantly, on how to increase my species count.

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World Series of Birding

WSB 2014

We have participated in this great event since 2006 and are very proud to have raise over $12,000 through the years for the NJ Audubon Society and other organizations.

NJ Big Year 2012

My little version of a big year in 2012. I tried to squeeze a ‘Big Year’ into weekends, holidays and days off and I called it a ‘semi-Big Year’ with a goal of at least 300 species in NJ.

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Latest updates to the web site including trip report.

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