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WSB 2014World Series of Birding 2014: is taking part in the World Series of Birding for the 9th year in a row. We have a very strong team on paper and we are covering the whole state in hopes of breaking our all time record of 176.
smith's longspurMarch 2014: Finished the month with a chance encounter of a nice Red-necked Grebe ✓ right as the sun was setting. The first Ibis of the season happened to be a rare White-faced Ibis and it took a couple of visits to properly ID the bird and take a few photos. 2012 WSB team member Rob Fanning stumbled upon a Eurasian Tree Sparrow at Cape May Point and promptly let the rest of us know so that we can chase. A wintering Black-capped Chickadee is less exotic but fairly rare for Cape May. Feeding the hordes of blackbirds through the snow storms this winter, finally paid off when an adult male Yellow-headed Blackbird made a brief appearance late afternoon on March 17th. On March 8th and after 6 visits, I finally got the elusive Smith’s Longspur that was first seen 6 weeks ago and then again a couple of days ago. Also got to see Lapland Longspur on a couple of occasions which was great.
Feb 28 2014 – Web Site Update : New look and back to regular updates for time to come.
January 2014: On what’s becoming an annual tradition, I spent a good portion of the first of the year in Cape May working on my 2014 NJ list. Many good birds around including a rare Painted Bunting, an Ash-throated Flycatcher, Rufous Hummingbird, surprising number of Redhead, a Eurasian Wigeon and a White-winged Dove among others. Further north, I was able to add a NJ first Western Kingbird for a total of 55 for the day.

A couple of visits to Motts Creek produced a Rough-legged Hawk another NJ first as well as good looks at an adult Golden Eagle.

says-phoebeNew Jersey semi-Big Year 2012: Well 2012 is winding down and I am happy to report that I have had a very successful New Jersey ‘semi-Big Year’. Click here to read all about it. Sandy Komito, I am coming after your record one of these days…
ATFLNov 24 2012 – Cape May: I saw my first Ash-throated Flycatcher while birding with Nicholas Haas at Higbees back in November of 2005. I will never forget how excited he was and I have since been visiting Higbees each November 2-3 times hoping for a repeat. This year was no exception but after a 6 year dry spell, I finally got another Ash-throated Flycatcher.
American Golden PloverSep 16 2013 – Johnson Sod Farm, NJ: After multiple trips to the Sod Farms in Cumberland NJ, I was finally rewarded with my first photos of American Golden-Plovers.
Connecticut Warbler Sep 9 2013 – Cape May, NJ: It took me a while, but I finally got photos of the elusive Connecticut Warbler at Higbee in a very birdy day.
9/14/13 Sandy Hook, NJ: A few days late and after two attempts, I was able to photograph an Elegant Tern at Sandy Hook. A bird that I was expected to get on my upcoming trip to California but it was a good state bird nonetheless.
Mourning WarblerAug 18 2012 – Cape May: Mourning Warbler is a warbler that has eluded me through the years but my NJ semi-big year has given me an incentive to be better prepared and more persistent which resulted in a nice photo of yet another lifer.
Black TernAug 6 2012 – Cape May: My New Jersey semi-Big Year is faltering as another trip to Cape May Point did not yield any Sandwich Terns – they were reported the day before and the day after!! I did get to see and photograph 3 Black Terns though….
Roseate TernJun 16 2012 – Cape May: It took me three attempts to finally bag one of the Roseate Terns that have been seen on and off at the point in the past 10 days. After striking out on two weekend in a row, I left early from work on Tuesday and got to see and photograph 2 adult birds.
Cerulean WarblerMay 27 2012 – High Point SP, NJ: Back up to High Point SP after the World Series of Birding looking for additional birds for my NJ Big Year. Had some good birds including a first for my 1,000 bird project: a Cerulean Warbler.
WSB 2012May 12 2012 – World Series of Birding: Once again participated in the World Series of Birding. We managed to count 155 species and raised more than $2,000 for NJAS and Fyke Nature Association. Full report on the big day will be posted here shortly.
Little GullApr 7 2012 – Morgan Mudflats – South Amboy, NJ: After some tense moments and right before I was about to give up, a beautiful Little Gull appeared for a second day at the Morgan Ave Mudflats. A lifer that made brief appearances for 3 days in a row before it moved on.
Broad-tailed-HummingbirdMar 4 2012 – Cape May NJ: A Broad-tailed Hummingbird had managed to overwinter in Cape May but had not drawn much attention as it was first thought to be a Rufous Hummingbird. A couple of days after its true identity was revealed to the birding world, I was one of many to get some looks and a few shots of this very rare (1st ever) sight in NJ. Later on I visited a Great-horned Owl nest for some more world class photos (not).
Northern FulmarFeb 4 2012 – Cape May Pelagic: Had a very successful Pelagic Trip off the waters of Cape May. I was able to photograph 2 new bird species (Northern Fulmar & Dovekie) and we had as many as 10 Atlantic Puffins. Those 3 along with Razorbill and Common Murre were good additions to my NJ Year list.
Skimmers01/1/12 – 12/31/12 New Jersey: I am attempting a New Jersey semi-Big Year in 2012. What does this mean? Since work and family commitments are not allowing me to do a ‘proper’ Big Year, I will chase as many birds as I can on weekends, holidays and days off with a goal of seeing at least 300 in New Jersey in 2012.
Bell's VireoDec 18 2011 – Cape May, NJ: Cape May came through again as a Bell’s Vireo must have made a left hand turn early in its migration to Mexico. Sure hope this little guy heads south soon as its running out of time….
Painted BuntingDec 4 2011 – Cape May, NJ: A Painted Bunting showed up in Cape May just a week after I was temped to chase one that was reported up in Connecticut. A walk around Cape May Point resulted in nice looks of a White-winged Dove and 3 Eurasian-collared Doves all of them on the same tree at one time!
Cape May WarblerOct 2 2011 – Cape May, NJ: A mini reunion of the Word Series of Birding team this weekend in Cape May. I met up with Jonathan Wasse (a.k.a the British birder who saw a Black-throated Gray Warbler on 9/30 – the 1st day of his 2 week trip) and Bob Hoopes. No new species but many good birds around including Cape May Warblers, Black-throated Blue Warblers, Chestnut-sided Warbler and other local and migrating birds.
Magnolia WarblerSep 18 2011 – Cape May, NJ: My first visit to Cape May for the Fall migration resulted in 2 new species: Blackburnian Warbler and Philadelphia Vireo. Many other birds were coming through including this beautiful Magnolia Warbler.
Irene HurricaneAug 28 2011 – Ocean City, NJ: With Hurricane Irene passing by my area, I went out to see what birds were on the move. Nearby Ocean City was a safe 15 minute drive and yielded some good birds (Sandwich, Royal & Caspian Terns, Red Knot) but nothing compared to what was seen in Cape May..
Brown BoobyAug 21 2011 – Cape May, NJ: A good weekend indeed as I added 2 new species to my total. A Brown Booby was spotted in Jarvis Sound just a couple of miles away from Cape May on 8/12. Luckily it stayed around long enough for me to get down there and take a few photos. The other addition is courtesy of a split of the Common Moorhen to Common Gallinule and Eurasian Moorhen.
Beaked WhaleAug 13 2011 – Pelagic Trip, NJ: I tagged along on a fishing trip some 90 miles offshore. The highlight by far was an awesome look at a Cuvier’s beaked Whale :) leaping some 15ft off the water. We also had some nice birds including Great Shearwater, Cory’s Shearwater and Wilson’s Storm-Petrels.
Black SkimmerAug 7 2011 – Egg Harbor Twp, NJ: I was finally able to spend some time at the local Black Skimmer :) colony. The state biologist responsible for monitoring the colony told me that this was a very successful year for them. The numbers are impressive (more than 1,500 individual birds) and there was always something happening in the 4 hrs I was there.
Cooper's HawkJul 23 2011 – Egg Harbor Twp, NJ: I woke up this morning and I could hear the resident Eastern Bluebirds making a lot of noise. AT first I thought that brood #2 must have fledged and the parents were on high alert because of the odd squirrel or domestic cat that may have been near by. After an hour of persistent chatter, I decided to investigate and as I walked to the back yard I saw an immature Cooper’s Hawk standing on the ground. [more]
Jun 10 2011 – Web Site : The new web site is finally up. Hope you like it!!
Bank SwallowkMay 22 2011 – Dividing Creek, NJ: I was happy to discover a nice sized colony of Bank Swallows and spent some time observing and photographing them. It got even better when I got home and looked at the photos only to discover that a Cliff Swallow (bird #642) was amongst them
May 1 2011 – Bellplain : Was able to photograph a nice male Cape May Warbler while performing my scouting duties for the World Series of Birding.
Apr 30 2011 – Cape May, NJ Eagle vs Osprey : There can only be one winner in this areal dual
Mar 1-6 2011 – Mexico : Family vacation to Riviera Maya resulted in 37 new species (120+ total). Full report to follow shortly.
Website Update : Updated Reports for my Las Vegas outings.
Jan 1 2011 – Count Update : After a couple of splits and some cleaning up, my count now stands at 600+. I am hoping to add another 40-50 species this year.

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