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= Good quality photos, bold = New Species
December 2006
12/24 Barnegat Light : Harlequins put on a display as usual. Purple Sandpipers were very cooperative as well.
12/17 Cape May : I was able to take photos of an American Pipit , a new species for me.
12/17 Cape May : DON’T SHOOT. Turkey Vultures asking for mercy!!
12/10 Wildwood Crest : Here is a Great Blue Heron with a BIG catch and the same bird in flight.
12/10 Wildwood Crest : Went in search of Sparrows but found this American Bittern instead.
12/09 Pleasentville : I’ve seen the Eared Grebe(s) up close for the past couple of days and this morning I was able to take a few shots of this rare visitor to the Eastern US.
12/03 Brigantine NWR : Although I spend a lot of time at the Brigantine NWR, I have only seen American Tree Sparrows a couple of times. This little guy was hanging out with the more common Savannah Sparrows this morning.
November 2006
11/19 Wildwood Crest : In search of Nelson’s Sharp-tailed Sparrow I was only able to get a few shots of a Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow and a
Seaside Sparrow.
11/04 Brigantine NWR : There were many Eastern Phoebes at he refuge today along with other migrants.
October 2006
10/14 Higbee Beach Cape May : Yellow-rumped Warblers were out in force today. Took some close ups of a Brown Thrasher.
10/8 State Park Cape May : Another good day at Higbee Beach. Got close to Rudy-crowned Kinglet and Northern Parula.
September 2006
9/30 Higbee Beach Cape May : Saturday morning was a good flight day. Many birds decided to spend a few minutes at Higbee’s before they continued with their migration. Northern Parulas and Yellow-rumped Warblers were plentiful. Blackpoll and Black-throated Green Warblers were also fairly common. I also managed
to get a couple of pictures of a Nashville Warbler.
9/3 Cape May Point NJ : I was a day late for all the seabirds that Ernesto brought to Cape May Point. Nevertheless, I did take photos of some uncommon visitors (White-rumped Sandpiper, Pectoral Sandpiper, Black Tern) as well as some of the more common ones (Willet, Solitary Sandpiper, Semipalmated Sandpiper, Prairie Warbler, Yellow Warbler)
August 2006
8/10 Stone Harbor NJ : This is only the third time I have been able to photograph a Yellow-crowned night-heron. In the 3-5 seconds I got to see this bird, I was only able to take one shot, and it seems to be a keeper.
8/10 Brigantine NWR : Another late afternoon visit at the refuge and another suprise: a Wilson’s Phalarope, a new species for me and a bird that is a bit off course.
8/6 Brigantine NWR, NJ : A pair of Peregrine Falcons performing an air show.
8/6 Bargaintown, NJ : More backyard action; A Yellow Shafted Northern Flicker.
8/5 Bargaintown, NJ : I was watering some plans in my back yard this morning. Suddenly I heard a bird call and as I looked up, a Cooper’s Hawk came in and snatched a Robin from a branch of a Spruce tree. This was about 25 feet off the ground and 40 feet away from me. As both birds started coming down, the Cooper’s Hawk just held on to its prey. After the impact of the fall, the hawk started looking around and within a second he was staring at me. I did not move waiting to see what would happen next. The Robin was not moving either, although his head was raised a little as he was looking at the Hawk trying to figure out what happened. The hawk waited about 20 seconds and then flew off with its prey. No pictures, just a flimsy drawing :)
July 2006
7/30 Cape May Point, NJ : Read reports of a Curlew Sandpiper for the past two days, so I headed down to Cape May on Saturday morning in hopes of finding it. I spent 4+ hours there in 90+ degree weather to no avail. I somehow got enough of a drive to head out again on Sunday morning despite the severe sunburn I received the day before. No Curlew again but I was able to track down a Baird’s Sandpiper, a new species for me. I also took a picture of a Greater and a Lesser Yellowlegs side by side and one of a Green Heron looking for a meal.
7/24 Brigantine NWR : A late afternoon visit at the refuge resulted in a suprise: a Bonaparte’s Gull, a bird that is not seen during the summer time in our area.
American Goldfinches are a lot more common, but I enjoy their presence all the same.
7/15 Brigantine NWR : Searching through the archives, I found this interesting picture of a Great Egret with a Song Sparrow. I remember this well, although I took the picture back in 2003. It took the GE more than 5 minutes to swallow its prey.
7/8 Brigantine NWR : Little Blue Heron with a nice catch (surrounded by Boat-tailed Grackles) and the elusive Northern Bobwhite. Still having problems with my lens but I wanted to take some pictures anyway.
June 2006
6/30 WSB Report : World Series of Briding 2006 – A complete report on our team’s entry in the 2006 World Series of Birding.
April 2006
4/30 Brigantine NWR : Flock of Wimbrels – First images taken with a D200. I seem to be having a problem with my 80-400 lens!).
4/15 Interesting Gull behavior images.
4/15 Bargaintown NJ : Northern Cardinals in my back yard.
4/10 2006 World Series of Birding It looks like will be fielding a team for this year’s WSB. T-shirts are in the works and I am hoping that some of you folks can sponsor our team by pledging tax-deductible contributions to the New Jersey Audubon Society. Please e-mail me for more details.
4/8 Cape May Visited the Meadows and was able to photograph Common Snipes from a distance. New species for me but photo quality was poor :(
March 2006
3/26 2005 Photos: Created a page with some of my favority 2005 photos.
3/19 Barnegat Light: Back to my favorite spot for the winter for ducks. Got close to Surf and Black Scoters but the wind made it difficult to take clear images.
February 2006
2/4 – 2/9 NW Washington State: Had a great 6 day birding trip to Washington State (see trip report prepared by Bob H). I will be posting photos of new species and more in the next few days. 

January 2006
1/15 Barnegat Light, NJ: Another unsuccessful trip for Common Eiders but Brant gave me some good opportunities…
1/8 Barnegat Light, NJ: In search of male Common Eider, I was only able to take photos of what seems to be a Red Knot?
December 2005
12/16 Pleasantville & Nortfield, NJ: Christmas Bird Count in a heavily developed area resulted in 45 species including very close looks at Brown Creepers (too bad I did not have my camera with me!!)
12/9 Pleasantville, NJ: Images of Horned Grebes.
More photos from Greek trip : Icterine Warbler, European Greenfinch, European Goldfinch, Cory’s Shearwater, Common Tern.
November 2005
11/25 – 11/27 Clearfield, PA : Unable to locate Winter Wren, Wild Turkey and Evening Grosbeaks among others.
11/13/05 Cape May : Two more species; some long range shots of a Redhead duck (hope to get closer next weekend) and an Ash-throated Flycatcher (based on some heavy duty birders I was with) which is very rare in NJ.
11/6/05 Brigantine Island : I visited Brigantine Island because of reports of Marbled Godwits. After waiting for about an hour, 50+ Marbled Godwits landed close enough to where I was for me to capture another new species.
October 2005
More photos from Greek trip : Black headed Gull, Little Stint and Marsh Tit.
10/23 Brigantine NWR : I was only able to spend a couple of hours at the refuge in the morning. I managed to take some good photos of a Yellow-billed Cuckoo and a
Golden-crowned Kinglet. There were many sparrows around such as this Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow.
10/16 Higbee beach Cape May : Best day ever!! Started off at 6:30am with 3 dozen American Woodcocks flying over with the first rays of daylight were just creeping over the horizon. Then Morning Doves followed. Birds kept on coming for hours and hours. I saw hundreds of Palm Warblers, many Black-throated Blue Warblers, Northern Parulas, Eastern Phoebes and many more. Raptors were also numerous and always going after anything that moved…What a day.
More photos from Greek trip : Cirl Bunting, Eurasian Tree Sparrow,
Common Buzzard, Eastern Bonelli’s Warbler and Eurasian Curlew.
10/2 Cape May Meadows : First but distant images of Stilt and White-rumpet Sandpipers.
September 2005
9/25 Higbee beach Cape May : Some good photos of Sanderling, Ruddy Turnstone, Common Yellowthroat, Osprey and Merlin. First image of a Olive-sided Flycatcher.
9/18 Higbee beach Cape May : Slow day today. Took photos of a male Black-throated Blue Warbler and a Yellow-breasted Chat but not much movement overall.
9/11 Pelagic Trip – Wilmington Canyon : I got a chance top get out some 70 miles off the coast of Cape May/Delaware and got my first picks of Audubon’s Shearwater and Wilson’s Storm-Petrel. Also took photos of a few Cory’s Shearwaters.
Will post images soon..
9/3 & 9/4 Cape May Point : I was able to pick up two new species this weekend. First a Sandwich Tern (2 adults, 2 imm.) at the beach in front of the Meadows and then the King Eider that has been lingering around near the Concrete Ship.
August 2005
8/1 – 8/15 Greece : Back from a two week vacation trip to Greece (Agia Sotira and Lesbos). Here are some photos (more to come daily) Sombre Tit , European Bee-eater, European Roller ,Red-backed Shrike, Red-rumped-Swallow ,Pallid Swift, Common Swift
July 2005
7/30 Trivia : I am off to Greece for the next couple of weeks. Here is a photo you can have some fun with: How many shorebirds can you count in this photo? Here is what I came up with. Let me know what you came up with.
7/21 Stone Harbor NJ : More Black Skimmer images.
7/25 : Here are some more images of the Red-tailed Hawk feeding on the rabbit.
Part II (less graphic) and Part III (much more graphic).
7/17 Brigantine NWR : Woke up at 5:00am to be in Absecon, NJ early in search of the breeding Sandhill Cranes. That was unproductive as was a quick stop at the refuge which
only resulted in a photo of a Blue Grosbeak.
7/16 Stone Harbor NJ : Late afternoon visit, my first this summer. Saw 6-8 Piping Plovers feeding within a few feet from me. Also saw many Black Skimmers and a few Least and Forester’s Terns.
7/16 Brigantine NWR : Overcast and very humid. Took photos of a new species for me : Stilt Sandpiper.
7/10 Bargaintown NJ : When I got home Sunday afternoon, I heard alarm calls from Robins and Catbirds. Went out in my back yard to look for a hawk and as soon as I stepped out I saw a
dead rabbit just 20 feet from my window. Went back in, set my camera up and waited until an immature Red-tailed Hawk came back to claim its dinner.
7/10 Atlantic Ocean : 10 miles off Atlantic City I saw a 2nd year Northern Gannet and a Greater Shearwater.
7/9 Brigantine NWR : Took pictures of American Goldfinches late afternoon as they were feeding.
7/4 Moore’s Beach NJ : Saw a number of Clapper Rails and Seaside Sparrows.
7/3 Higbee Beach NJ : Started early looking for some good photos of Yellow-breasted Chat which I was unable to get. I took some pictures of Indigo Bunting which seemed to be fairly common. 

7/3 Cape May Meadows NJ : Got there close to noon and I spent 3 hours in the sun getting a sunburn and pictures of Least Terns and an American Oystercatcher tending their nests.

June 2005
6/26 Sandy Hook NJ : I paid a visit to Sandy Hook towards the end of the day. Here are some Common Tern images at day light and at sunset.
Birds of Greece : In the process of posting images of 111 out of 407 species of birds that can be found in Greece.
6/8 Bargaintown NJ : Another first as I took a picture of a Chimney Swift flying around while I was waiting for my daughter’s school bus to arrive.
6/5 Jakes Landing NJ : My first outing for shore bird spring migration. Was hoping to shoot some Red Knots but the tides were too high. Shot my first wild Turkey on the way over. Also took photos of a second year Bald Eagle flying by.
May 2005
5/22 Higbee Beach NJ : Numerous Blackpoll Warblers (new species for me) as well as Magnolia Warblers coming through. Prothonotary Warblers were very active as well.
5/21 Brigantine NWR : Witnessed a Brown-headed Cowbird checking out a Yellow Warbler’s nest for a future deposit :(
5/09 Higbee Beach NJ : The birders have migrated to Higbee beach while a few Warblers did the same as well this week. Got my first picture of a Blue-winged Warbler and a couple of good shots of Black-and-white Warblers.
5/02 Higbee Beach NJ : Back to Higbee with a little more success this time. Saw more migrants and was able to take some good photos of a Prairie Warbler, White-eyed Vireo and Blue-gray Gnatcatchers. Also took some photos of Yellow-rumped Warblers in breeding plumage.
April 2005
4/24 Higbee Beach NJ : Too windy for birds to come down as they are migrating through. Took some photos of a Field Sparrow defending its territory. Had good looks at White-eyed Vireos, Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, Prairie and Yellow-rumped Warbler but that was about it.
4/22 : Images of Gray Catbirds.
4/20 : Images of American Robins.
4/16 Brigantine NWR : Images of Snowy Egrets which are back in force at the refuge.
4/14 : Images of Carolina Wrens.
4/10 Cape May Point : Spring migration is well on its way. Took photos of Red-throated Loons as they went fishing very close to shore.
4/6 : Images of Mourning Doves and Northern Cardinals.
4/5 : Visited Absecon for a chance to photograph the Western Tanager but once again I was not succesful.
4/3 : Visited Cape May Meadows in yet another bad weather weekend. Unable to take any photos, although I did scare off 3 Wilson’s Snipes.
March 2005
3/30 : Started working on a section on backyard birds of New Jersey US. Here are some images of a Northern Mockingbird.
3/26 : Went looking for the Western Tanager that was reported in the area. I was told that it has been seen regurarly since the beginning of January at someone’s backyard, but it did not show up while I was there. Went to the refuge and took pictures of a Hooded Merganser and some images of a Muskrat.
3/24 : Posted images of American Bittern.
3/19 Brigantine NWR : An afternoon visit to the refuge resulted in some images of Short-eared Owls and Ring-necked Ducks.
3/19 Pleasantville NJ : Spent the first few hours of the day taking pictures of Horned Grebe, Bufflehead and Lesser Scaup.
3/14 Cape May Point NJ : A very cold and windy day in Cape May resulted in just some images of Bonaparte’s Gulls.
3/14 : Posted images of Dunlin taken at Barnegat Light.
3/5 Pleasantville NJ: Images of Greater Yellowlegs foraging in Pleasantville, NJ.
February 2005
2/27 Barnegat Light : Images of Surf and Black Scoters.
Yellow-rumped Warblers : Uploaded some images of Yellow-rumped Warblers in the Gallery section.
2/19 Brigantine NWR : Back to the home front with some additional images of Marsh Hawks. there were some signs of spring at the refuge as I saw and heard numerous Red-winged Blackbirds so I am looking forward to next weekend.
2/5 – 2/8 Duluth MN : Just returned from a trip to Duluth, Minnesota this past weekend. Here is a complete report on this trip.
January 2005
1/22 Brigantine NWR : Here are some images of Savannah Sparrows and other refuge residents during this weekend’s snow storm.
1/4 – 1/11 Dominical Republic : I am back home after spending a week at Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Although I spent much more time learning how to dance the Merengue than birding, I did manage to add some new bird species to my photo collection. Here is a complete report on my trip.
1/2 Northfield : Looked for Eared grebe in the morning but was not succesful. Went to the local park and this Great Blue Heron posed for me as he had just caught breakfast.
December 2004
12/31 Barnegat Light : Last day of the year and I took a trip up to Barnegat Light. The Harlequins were very cooperative as usual. Also took some photos of Rudy Turnstones and Purple Sandpipers.
12/26 Brigantine NWR – Holgate Unit : What better way to get ready for a trip to the Dominican Republic than to spend hours in freezing temperatures, looking for a reported Snowy Owl. I got to Holgate kind of late (7:00am) and things did not look promising for the first couple of hours. Luckly another birder spotted the Snowy Owl, and I got my Snowy Owl images. What a treat! Getting back to my car took another couple of hours but, it was all worth it.
12/24 : Posted a number of Piping Plover images under the Galary section.
12/15 : Posted a number of Sparrow images under the report section.
12/5 Brigantine NWR : Birding from dawn to dusk was lots of fun. Here are some Sunrise images and some Sunset images of Snow Geese and Brant I took on Sunday. Here are flight photos of Tundra Swan, Dunlin and Snow Geese.
November 2004
11/27 Brigantine NWR : Went back for more photos of the Bluebirds but could not find them. The refuge had thousands of Northern Pintails. There were also plenty of sparrows around (I saw my first Fox Sparrow of the winter).
11/25 Brigantine NWR : A quick trip to the refuge resulted in some shots of Eastern Bluebirds feeding.
11/21 Cape May/Stone Harbor: Reports of Cave Swallows and Marbled Godwit gave me high hopes, but I was unable to photo either one of them.
Took photos of Snow Bunting, American Wigeon, and Hermit Thrush. Also took pictures of a flock of House Finches (prepared Quiz for you).
11/20 Brigantine NWR : Took photos of a Red-tailed Hawk at the refuge today : Red-tailed Hawk.
11/14 Brigantine NWR : Added another species to my list! : Tundra Swan. There were over 60 of them at the refuge, but none of them were close enough for me to take a good shot.
11/13 Brigantine NWR : Added another species to my list : Common Goldeney (female). Also took a few pictures of the ever present Marsh Hawk.
11/6 Brigantine NWR : Northern Pintails abound. Also took pictures of a Yellow-billed Cuckoo and a Cooper’s Hawk? among others.
October 2004
Royal Tern images : Royal Terns from 9/26/04
10/18 Brigantine NWR : Went back to the refuge an hour before sunset and took a few photos of Savannah Sparrows.
10/16 Brigantine NWR : A quick visit to the refuge resulted in some Swamp Sparrow close-ups.
10/7 Cape May : Once again, a very slow day at Higbee. An adult Bald Eagle flying over was the highlight.
September 2004
9/26 Cape May : Very slow day at Higbee. Was able to salvage it by spending time at the Beanery (Bobolink) and the Meadows (Palm Warbler,Great Black-backed Gull and Herring Gull feasting on crabs).
Also took many pictures of Royal Terns.
9/19 Cape May : First Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow.
9/12 Stone Harbor : Quick visit to Stone Harbor resulted in Savannah Ipswich? Sparrow, Dunlin? missing part of its foot, Brown Pelicans, Little Blue Heron & Laughing Gull feeding its chick.
9/12 Cape May : Visited Higbee Beach for first time this fall migration.
I took pictures of some UFOs (please help!),
Red-eyed Vireos (most common),Yellow-billed Cuckoo & Black Skimmers.
9/11 Brigantine NWR: Many shorebirds and a Bald Eagle who went after a Great Egret but somehow did not get it!? .
August 2004
8/2-8/7 Skiathos, Greece & 8/8-8/14 Agia Sotira, Greece : I have prepared a page titled Birds of Greece 2004 that contains photos from my latest visit of Greece. Hope you can help with the UFOs
July 2004
7/17 Bombay Hook NWR, DE : Visited Bombay Hook on Saturday. Got to the refuge at 7:30am primarily looking for the Black-necked Stilts
that are breeders there. Although the tides were not favorable, I was lucky enough to see a pair with its young soon after I arrived. The adults
were not thrilled with the caravan of 6-8 cars that had just arrived and after they circled us 2-3 times we got the hint and left. I was not able
to locate any more for the rest of the day. 

Also took some pictures of Blue Grosbeaks, a Great Blue Heron with a big catch, and many more (pictures to follow soon).

All was not fun and games though as a Deer tick decided to drop in…time to see the doctor yet again…

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