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December 2010
12/31 Back Yard : A big snow storm dumped over a foot of snow a couple of days ago. As a result, a Brown Creeper was a welcome addition to the more common visitors to my back yard feeders. Surprisingly, this is a new species in my photo library although I have seen a number of them in the past.
November 2010
11/21 Stamford, CT : Finaly I chase a bird and it is there for the taking. A Fork-tailed Flycatcher that was seen for the past few days in Stamford, CT was still there this morning. I had to get up at 3:30am (after 1 hr of sleep) and drive for 3 hrs but it all paid off in the end.
Barnegat Bay
11/8 Barnegat Bay, NJ : Well it happened to me again: Back in 2/1/09, I chased an Ivory Gull only for another one to pay me a visit a few months later and a few miles south of where I live. Then on 10/10/10, I chased a White-tailed Kite and missed it by a day, only for it to show up a few miles north of where I live. I made sure I got bird #592 this time around although it stayed off in the distance.
October 2010
Cape May
10/31 Cape May NJ : Massive migration through Cape May this weekend.
Hermit Thrushes and Purple Finches among the 100,000+ birds that came through.
Milford Pt
10/10 Stratford/Milford CT : After a long birding hiatus due to crazy hours at work I had time to chase a White-tailed Kite which had been seen up in Stratford, CT area for 67+ days. No luck there but I managed to get a new species in the Monk Parakeets that have been established in the wild there since the early 1970′s.
May 2010
2010 World Series of Birding
5/15 Cape May County, NJ : The team had a very succesful World Series of Birding covering Cape May county and recording 151 birds (3rd in our category).
5/14 Brigantine NWR : One day before the big race I was able to get a quick look at a Bar-tailed Godwit at the Brig.
April 2010
Golden-fronted Woodpecker
4/9-4/12 SE Texas : A long weekend trip to SE Texas produced 28 new species.
March 2010
Golden-fronted Woodpecker
3/21 Barnegat Light, NJ : Another visit to Barnegat gave me the chance to photograph Long-tailed Ducks, Black Scoter, Common Eider and Red-breasted Merganser.
January 2010
Golden-fronted Woodpecker
1/30 Backyard (EHT, NJ) : We’ve had record setting snow this year so my backyard feeders have become very popular with the locals including Dark-eyed Juncos and Tufter Titmice.
Golden-fronted Woodpecker
1/23 Barnegat Light, NJ : My customary visit to Barnegat in the winter time produced some close up photos of Black-bellied Plovers inluding one missing a foot!
1/16 Brigantine NWR, NJ : I was hoping for one new species but ended up with two at the Brig out of all places (first new species there since June 1 2008!!). I first checked for a Bald Eagle but found a Northern Goshawk instead! After waiting for it to fly away for a couple of hours (it did but in the opposite direction), I looked for the reported Purple Finches and was lucky enough to find them fairly easily. A very nice visit to my local refuge indeed
1/4 Cape May, NJ : There were several reports of a Cackling Goose seen in Cape May for the past couple of days. I was able to locate it among a flock of 200+ Canada Geese minutes before they all took off. My first new bird of the new decade!
November 2009
11/29 Cape May, NJ : An Ivory Gull made it down to Cape May just 10 months after I unsuccesfully chased another one up in Plymouth, Massachusetts. I had much better luck this time around and I was also able to track down a Swainson’s Hawk which has been in the area for a couple of weeks now.
11/16 Las Vegas, NV : Five new species from my latest trip to Las Vegas inluding Chukar and Pygmy Nuthatch at Mt. Charleston and
Townsend’s Solitaire, Juniper Titmouse and Lewis’s Woodpecker
at Lovell Canyon.
11/8 Cape May, NJ : Went on a Pelagic trip some 15 miles off of Cape May with limited success. Only saw and photographed one new species a Parasitic Jaeger.
October 2009
10/11 Cape May, NJ : Some nice birds in Cape May today as a result of NW winds and a good migration push overnight. I finally took a photo of a Broad-winged Hawk in soaring flight as well as Blackpoll and Tennessee Warblers feeding before they moved on.
September 2009
9/23-24 London, UK : My daughter’s orientation at UCL required my presence in London for a couple of days. I did manage to spend a few hours birding in the capital of England. In fact I was able to tally 12 new species without using a car!!
9/5 Delta, LA : A quick trip to Mississippi gave me hope for Mississippi Kite, Wood Stork and maybe even a Painted Bunting but I had to settle for Cattle Egrets found in big numbers (100s) across the river in neighboring Louisiana.
August 2009
Grand Canyon National Park, AZ: A resent trip to Las Vegas allowed me to visit the Grand Canyon and get 4 new species: California Condor, Black-throat Gray Warbler, Mountain-Chickadee and Rock Wren.
8/10 Bavington, PA: I finally got to #14 for the year at a recent business trip in Pittsburgh PA. Thanks to the help of some local birders, I was able to locate and photograph a Henslow’s Sparrow. It was an overcast day and I couldn’t get close but I got close enough…
July 2009
7/19 Somers Point,NJ: I spent some time this weekend at a local Least Tern colony.
Las Vegas, NV: I am posting images of Virginia Rail, Redhead, Cinnamon Teal & Yellow-headed blackbird that I took during my visit to the Henderson Bird Viewing Reserve in Las Vegas back in May.
May 2009
World Series of Birding 2009: participated in this year’s World Series of Birding with mixed results. This was the 4th straight year we’ve entered into this great competition.
Las Vegas, NV: Witnessed an epic territorial battle between American Coots in my resent trip to Las Vegas
5/25 Dividing Creek, NJ: Went back to clean up Grasshopper Sparrows. Also got Wood Thrush and Acadia Flycatcher as new species but images are not anything to shout about.
5/17 Dividing Creek, NJ: Grasshopper Sparrows were reported in an area fairly close to home during WSB and I was lucky enough to find one singing early in the morning. Also got to see a pair of Ring-necked Pheasants before heavy rains forced me to head back home.
April 2009
4/4 Bellplain, NJ: Succesfully went after Yellow-throated Warblersone of the warbler species I was missing to date.
March 2009
3/29 Brigantine NWR, NJ: It’s Owl month for me as I got good looks at two Short-eared Owls hunting at the refuge one.
3/8 Northern, NJ: Two new species from a trip to a well known area in North Jersey. Two Long-eared Owls have been roosting on a tree right next to the road. In addition, I took some distant photos of a pair of Red-headed Woodpeckers.
February 2009
2/22 Cape May, NJ: 0 for 2 on the Gull front as the Little Gull seen in Cape May on Friday, did not make an appearance on Sunday.
2/8 Trenton, NJ: White-winged Crossbills have been reported throughout the state for a few weeks now but they have been showing up regurarly in the Trenton Area. Much shorter trip (see bellow) and better results this time around.
2/1 Plymouth, MA: Unsuccessful attempt at finding and photographing the Plymouth Ivory Gull. Took the 13 hr round trip by car only to come back empty handed (bird was last seen on Friday afternoon – I got there Saturday evening and returned Sunday afternoon).
January 2009
1/25 Collingswood, NJ: Finally made the trek down to a Philadelphia suburb to take photos of the Green-tailed Towhee that’s been there for close to 3 weeks now. 

1/25 Florence, NJ: Quick visit to Florence hoping to get some of the winter Gulls but had a flyby Great Cormorant instead.

1/4 Reports: Uploaded report from 2008 trip to Costa Rica.

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