says-phoebeNJ semi-Big Year 2012

I did my little version of a big year in 2012. Since I have to work like most mortal souls, I tried to squeeze a ‘Big Year’ into weekends, holidays and days off. I called it a ‘semi-Big Year’ with a goal of at least 300 species in NJ. Not an easy task considering I had a lifetime NJ list of 291…

black-headed-trogon90040Mexico 2011

A family vacation at a beautiful resort in the Riviera Maya resulted 3+ days of birding and 37 new species (120+ total).

black-headed-trogon90040Texas 2010

A long weekend trip to Rio Grande Valley in SE Texas in early April resulted in 28 new species.

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black-headed-trogon90040Costa Rica

Two trips to the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica in 2003 & 2008 resulted in 86 new species and some great fun.


I visit my birth place in NW Greece as often as I can. Photos and reports are from 2 week trips in summer of 2003, 2004 & 2005

NW Washington StateNW Washington State

Bob H. and I birded the northwestern part of Washington, north of Seattle, for six days (2/4/06 – 2/9/06), and added 39 new species to my total. The weather was excellent, ranging from the 30s to near 50 degrees, with progressively more sun each day.

Las VegasLas Vegas

I work in the Gaming industry which means I get to visit Las Vegas often. That has given me an opportunity to explore the surrounding areas and add many new species to my list.

Duluth MNDuluth MN

Bob H. was kind enough to invite me to a birding trip he had planned for Duluth, Minnesota. I had met Bob while searching of a Snowy Owl in Holgate in late December. He was the one who spotted the Owl and I hoped that with his help, we would be able to see many Northern Hawk and Great Gray Owls.

London UKLondon, UK

I took a short trip to London, UK to help my daughter get settled as she began her studies at UCL. I brought my camera along hoping that I would have some time to explore the city’s parks. I also got to visit the Rainham Marshes which are accessible via public transportation.

Dominican RepublicDominican Republic

This was a family vacation, but as always, I was able to find some time for my favorite hobby. We stayed at the Allegro Occidental resort in Punta Cana. The resort was adjacent to the Natura Club resort and most of the pictures were taken in a small area in and around the two resorts that was not developed.

Machias Seal IslandMachias Seal Island

One of the more memorable birding trips I have taken to date! I was looking for a birding location within driving distance and came across all the write ups on Machias Seal Island. Although it wasn’t as close as I would have liked it to be, I knew that this is the only way I could get close to Atlantic Puffins and Razorbills. So off I went!

Barnegat Light NJBarnegat Light NJ

Barnegat Light, NJ is a great birding spot during the winter months. Harlequin Ducks, Purple Sandpipers and Snow Buntings are fairly common. Many other goodies such as Snowy Owls, Common Redpolls and Lapland Longspurs make every visit an exciting one.

Chasing birdsChasing birds

Having a demanding job and a full family life does not allow me to do much bird chasing. Once in a great while, I do get a chance to go after some ‘special’ birds with mixed results. Here is a brief report on some of those outings.

World Series of BirdingWorld Series of Birding started participating in the World Series of Birding in 2006. It was a modest first attempt at this event as we had three participants and we have been at it ever since.

Tensas River NWRTensas River NWR

I was on a business assignment for 3 weeks in Vicksburg, Mississippi in October of 2008. My company had donated some money to the local Audubon Society and through them I was lucky enough to meet up with Bill S., a local Bird Photographer who offered to go shooting with me at near by Tensas River NWR in NE Louisiana.

Yazoo NWRYazoo NWR

I had a chance to visit the Yazoo NWR while on business assignment in Vicksburg, Mississippi in October of 2008 . The 90 minute ride up north gave me a chance to see the rural south for the first time.


Some photos from the good old days…

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  1. Paul Forde says:

    Wife and I witnessed about 15 Yellowlegs flitting and walking about in Scanlon Creek Conservation area near Bradford, Ontario, Canada. They were feeding in a large open muddy river bank area. Seemed quite social with each other.

  2. Brian Geiger says:

    27 January, 2013 – 5 pairs of ring-necked ducks seen at Wheeler Wildlife Refuge ( this afternoon enjoying the mild Alabama winter!

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